Bangalore IT Professionals: Master High Performance Habits ,  Advanced Communication Techniques  & Save 30 min Every day With AI-Driven Productivity , Tailored for Career Success

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What you will learn?


Boost Your Inner Clarity

Discover, Thrive, Transform

Unlock your potential, embrace growth, and transform your life. Find clarity, thrive, and become your best self.


Master Advanced Communication

Discover Advanced Techniques for Success

Enhance your skills, connect deeply, and propel your success with effective communication strategies.


Generate Daily Focus

Effortless Strategies for Time Mastery

Escape overwhelm, distraction, procrastination, and chaos. Embrace simple techniques to take control and maximize productivity.


Unlock AI Productivity Mastery

Harness Next-Gen Prompt Engineering Techniques

Empower everyday tasks with AI assistance through innovative prompt engineering methods for enhanced productivity.

Attend this masterclass

if you relate to one of the following

Lack of focus on career goals

Stalled Career Growth: Overlooked IT Professional Goals

Random daily habits

Unable to Break Free from Draining Daily Routines leading to  burnout!

Ignoring leadership skills

Missing Growth Opportunities: Ignoring Vital Leadership Development

Salary below industry levels

Settling for what is given and unable to command higher income

Lack of visibility

Unable to establish yourself as an influential individual & a valuable team player

Low self-confidence

Cannot confidently express your ideas & thoughts with your co-workers



IT Professional

Amazing Masterclass!

Amazing insights & value packed masterclass on practical challenges that we need to resolve as working IT professionals. I highly recommend every working IT professional to attend this masterclass without missing!

Bimal Kumar Sahoo

Manager, Hewlett Packard

Loved the concepts

I absolutely loved the concepts on productivity, career growth in just 1 hour through Karthik's masterclass.

Don't miss out on this, this is going to get your career to a whole new height.

Attend, implement & excel!


IT Professional, Malaysia

I reconnected with my best self!

Karthik's coaching helped me re-connect with my best version.

I am thankful to be associated with Karthik & to have the support system that he provides inside his community. Don't wait, be part of this excellent masterclass.


IT Professional

Got my biggest breakthrough!

I got my greatest breakthrough in my personal clarity & productivity after getting coached by Karthik.

His system works like magic. Don't miss out on this fabulous masterclass & start growing exponentially in your career.

Chanise Carvalho


You are a lighthouse!

You are a lighthouse in this dark world Karthik.

Thank you for being a coach and for guiding me on High Performance Habits.

More power to you and for the mission you have!

Raj Tiwari

IT Professional

I can be influential!

I joined Karthik's community after attending his masterclass & getting coached on important principles of influence.

Now I know how to set myself apart from the crowd & keep growing in career.


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Exclusive Growth Platform Access

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2 Case Studies

Get your hands on exclusive real life case studies that the system Karthik uses has generated.


Conscious Clarity Elevation Quiz

Get access to 10 point quiz to consciously identify your strengths & areas of improvement


Sonic Mastery

Get access to exclusive framework to master one of the most ignored communication skill - listening!



Get your burning questions answered LIVE during the masterclass


5 Habits of High Achievers

Get your hands on this super valuable resource to sneak-peak into the habits of high performers


Total Value: ₹ 21,994/-
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Coach Karthik

Founder, Career Advancement Hub

Meet Karthik, a globally certified High Performance Coach and a distinguished member of the Cialdini's Institute of Ethical Influencing.

In life's vibrant tapestry, he's discovered stability with Niveditha, his cherished wife, proudly embracing the role of a "Productive Husband."

Karthik is on a mission—to lead a battalion of empowered professionals, advocates for a harmonious and productive life who are striving towards advancing their careers.

Karthik's message has resonated with over 2 Lakh+ individuals online, igniting a movement towards self-improvement, heightened productivity, and personal development for career advancement.

Fueled by passion, Karthik imparts his insights with fervor in masterclasses, creating a lasting impact on the lives of his community members.

Embark on the transformative journey of personal and career elevation with him!



Is this webinar only for IT professionals?

Yes, this masterclass is designed primarily for IT professionals who are look to advance their career by building valuable skills & habits. Wear your curiosity hat on, jump-in and enjoy the learning journey!

How long will this session be and what all will be covered?

The masterclass goes for a max of 2 hours. Karthik has a very powerful way to share complex concepts in a very simple way. You will learn secrets, principles, and implementable step-by-step processes to help you achieve career advancement.

How should I prepare myself before the webinar?

If you are really serious about career progression, register for the masterclass, bookmark your calendar and attend the session from start to finish on your laptop without any distractions. Make sure you are sitting in a quiet place with a notepad, pen, and paper handy.

How will this webinar help me transform?

The teachings you are going to get in this webinar are not just bookish knowledge. They are research backed approach that are predictive of happiness, confidence, productivity, income, influence, courage, resilience, quality of interpersonal relationships, engagement & excellence in work quality, success in comparison to peers over long-term and improved levels of satisfaction.

Coach Karthik

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